Balayage (aka French Hair Painting)
"The art of hair painting is a process that gives a more dimensional and natural looking color."
Dions' Salon has been using this technique for over 20 years, with fabulous results!
People often ask the difference between traditional foiling and the artistry of hair painting. Dions Salon uses a tool that is specially designed to help apply the color to the hair, leaving just the right amount. Not only is the result of hair painting far more beautiful, but it is much healthier for the hair. Aluminum foil is a concontainer for heat, which almost bakes the bleach or lightening color into the hair creating dry, damaged hair.
Hair Painting is a process that we teach all of our colorists at the salon.
Originating in France, the word “Balayage” translates to “sweeping”, and the actual sweeping of color can be placed more precise and closer to the scalp. As a colorist we can place the highlight where nature intended it to be. Where as foil has it's place, we find the Balayage technique to be more modern and natural.

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